Under the (Exacto) Knife

28 Jan

As you might remember from my past posts, for almost two weeks we’ve been dipping into the mid-20’s at night and hovering just below 40°F during the day. At first the days were dominated by clear skies and warm sunshine, but the high pressure system sat (and sat) stagnating the air around the Puget Sound region causing stubborn, thick fog.

Case and point. Beautiful, but some customers at work found it “oppressive” and “claustrophobic”.

Now we are finally back to typical January weather: damp and cool. Soft, gray skies give way to frequent drizzly, misty rains and (relatively) mild temperatures that range from the mid-30’s at night to the mid-40’s during the day. Living in the Pacific Northwest is like living in the produce aisle. Western Washington is pretty gray most of the year and even us Northwesterners forget that the months and months of rain helps create a lush, green, and beautiful landscape.

Making some progress with the plant labels.

Making some progress with the plant labels.

While the rain is softly falling on freshly scattered Sluggo outside, I’m taking a day in and working on the plant labels for the Flower & Garden Show and handmade cards. There is something calming and methodical about cutting sheets of black particle board into 3 x 5 pieces, but that probably reveals more about me than the task. Anyway, once all of these pieces have been finally cut family, genus, species, and origin will be written on each with a silver sharpie. Charming and thrifty, don’t you think?

Again, someone doesn't want to be ignored...

Again, someone doesn’t want to be ignored…

I am also working on some thank you cards and late holiday winter cards. It’s a shame that the holiday season starts earlier and earlier each year leaving almost no chance to get cards and presents ready on time. My cards are usually watercolors or line art done with ink and, of course, have botanical tendencies. Though making cards from scratch may take a lot of time, I like having the control over every little detail along the process and I feel that there is something more personal and intimate about something handmade. Just my two pennies.

Thank you and (shamefully late) holiday cards.

Thank you and (shamefully late) holiday cards.

As I was flipping through a few of the blogs I follow, I was pleasantly surprised to find that Riz recently wrote a nice profile on me on his blog. Though I feel that I should warn you, you’ll see me with a sheepish smile and a goatee that I jokingly left and forgot to shave off before our spontaneous trip to UBC Botanical Garden last May. (Haha! Sheep, goatee, yeah? Okay, I’ll stop.) Really, I am honored and delighted, so please go and check it out!

Anyway, gotta get back to it. Stay dry out there and chin-up, spring is just around the corner!


2 Responses to “Under the (Exacto) Knife”

  1. Agnes January 30, 2013 at 8:41 am #

    Anyone who has been honored to receive your spectacular drawings appreciates the time you have devoted to it Terry! Love the produce aisle reference!

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